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Maxco IB Net Deposit Bonus

02 May 2024

Dear Partners/IBs,

We are proud to present the newest program "Maxco IB Net Deposit Bonus" which gives you the opportunity to get an additional bonus totaling up to tens of millions of rupiah. This program is clear evidence of Maxco's dedication to increasing additional income for Partners. Through this program, Partners will get additional bonuses which are calculated based on the Net Deposit amount and Transaction Volume of their customers every month.

🗓️ Program Period: 01 May - 30 June 2024

How to Get Bonuses?

Bonuses can be obtained based on the Net Deposit and transaction volume traded by customers. The higher the Net Deposit and transaction volume you bring, the greater your chances of winning tempting prizes!

The following are the terms and conditions that you should know:

1 Company employees and relatives cannot participate.

2. IBs must contact their account manager to register for this promotion.

3. Net deposit bonus is an additional bonus from the rebate paid to IB.

• Net Deposit is [Deposit-Withdrawal] in one month. (Total Net Margin In from customers).

• In this program, IBs are given the opportunity to get bonuses based on Net Deposits and transaction volume traded by customers.

4. IB is subject to income tax in accordance with statutory regulations.

5. There is no bonus for net deposits under 5K and trading volume transactions under 15 lots.

6. Trading volume does not include Stock instruments. Only completed/closed lots will be reviewed in bonus calculation.

7. Bonuses based on net deposit and trading volume are settled every month. After settlement, the following month's net deposit and trading volume calculations are reset to zero and start anew.

8. The net deposit bonus is paid in IDR currency at an exchange rate of IDR 10,000. The entire USD amount in the final calculation will be converted to IDR at an exchange rate of IDR 10,000.

9. Net Deposit and IB trading volume are only calculated from first level direct client trading activity.

10. Bonus review will be completed in the first week of each month and will be distributed based on the previous month's performance. The bonus will go to the IB wallet. Bonus will be paid to IB before the 15th of the following month.

11. Payment will be rejected if fraudulent activity is detected on the part of the IB.

12. Net deposit and trading volume are calculated based on MT time.

Take action immediately, improve your performance, and get additional bonuses! Don't miss the opportunity!

Always enthusiastic and successful!

Best regards,

Maxco Team

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