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Maxco Provides 3 Types of Partners

23 Aug 2021

To give the best services to our partners, Maxco classifies partners into three types (regular, premium, and master partner) based on their trading volume. The rebates will be distributed according to the clients' type.

Regular partners will get an 80% rebate and up to 200 lots every 30 days. The number of lots available obtained from the lots traded by clients' partners in 30 days. Premium partner will get up to 90% rebate and 200 – 600 lots every month.

Master partner will get 100% rebate and the whole lots traded in 30 days period. These are the most convenient numbers for partners. Partners are even can gain more revenue through sub-partners. By inviting at least three other people to be Sub-Partners, partners can double their income by receiving a 10% rebate from each transaction done by Sub-Partners.

Maxco has also prepared a fast and transparent rebate payment system. Partners can withdraw the rebate proceeds directly to their accounts. All income from rebates is presented transparently so that partners can also calculate their income without worrying about discounts or administrative costs.

The differences in partners' type are expected to increase partners' interest in referring clients who are actively trading every day to Maxco. By actively recruiting trading clients, they can increase their income apart from trading partners. In addition to getting rebates, Maxco partners also get various benefits such as getting access to live statistics and client reports from a partner that you bring to Maxco. Partners can get this access through 'Partner Area' in Maxco application, available in mobile and web versions.

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