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Maxco IB Net Deposit Bonus

02 May 2024

Dear Partners/IBs,

We are proud to present the newest program "Maxco IB Net Deposit Bonus" which gives you the opportunity to get an additional bonus totaling up to tens of millions of rupiah. This program is clear evidence of Maxco's dedication to increasing additional income for Partners. Through this program, Partners will get additional bonuses which are calculated based on the Net Deposit amount and Transaction Volume of their customers every month.

🗓️ Program Period: 01 May - 30 June 2024

How to Get Bonuses?

Bonuses can be obtained based on the Net Deposit and transaction volume traded by customers. The higher the Net Deposit and transaction volume you bring, the greater your chances of winning tempting prizes!

The following are the terms and conditions that you should know:

1 Company employees and relatives cannot participate.

2. IBs must contact their account manager to register for this promotion.

3. Net deposit bonus is an additional bonus from the rebate paid to IB.

• Net Deposit is [Deposit-Withdrawal] in one month. (Total Net Margin In from customers).

• In this program, IBs are given the opportunity to get bonuses based on Net Deposits and transaction volume traded by customers.

4. IB is subject to income tax in accordance with statutory regulations.

5. There is no bonus for net deposits under 5K and trading volume transactions under 15 lots.

6. Trading volume does not include Stock instruments. Only completed/closed lots will be reviewed in bonus calculation.

7. Bonuses based on net deposit and trading volume are settled every month. After settlement, the following month's net deposit and trading volume calculations are reset to zero and start anew.

8. The net deposit bonus is paid in IDR currency at an exchange rate of IDR 10,000. The entire USD amount in the final calculation will be converted to IDR at an exchange rate of IDR 10,000.

9. Net Deposit and IB trading volume are only calculated from first level direct client trading activity.

10. Bonus review will be completed in the first week of each month and will be distributed based on the previous month's performance. The bonus will go to the IB wallet. Bonus will be paid to IB before the 15th of the following month.

11. Payment will be rejected if fraudulent activity is detected on the part of the IB.

12. Net deposit and trading volume are calculated based on MT time.

Take action immediately, improve your performance, and get additional bonuses! Don't miss the opportunity!

Always enthusiastic and successful!

Best regards,

Maxco Team

Make Innovation Drives, Maxco Partner Application Provides Advanced Features

11 Mar 2022

Maxco is proud to launch its advanced Partner Interface in the form of the “Maxco Partner” application. This application was created specifically for Maxco partners, useful for analyzing or viewing information about customer performance in a transparent and perfect manner. Here are some of the advantages provided by the Maxco Partner application:

  • Monitor the performance of customers and partner in real time and in detail
  • Know the history of commissions and withdrawals
  • Inviting partner and customers via the link and QR code that can be accessed through the application
  • Access the latest information about business anywhere and anytime

This Maxco Partner application provides convenience and convenience to monitor all customers thoroughly and more efficiently. Maxco Partners can download the Maxco Partner app available on the App Store (iOS) and Playstore (Android).

With this benefit, Maxco hopes to fulfill all partner's dreams to become a successful businessman in the futures brokerage field. Everyone can start their business with us and get all the support that they need to triumph on Maxco Partner Program!

To find out information about the Maxco Partner Program, please contact Maxco Customer Support: (021) 3115-1998 or visit Maxco website: https://www.maxco.co.id/partner/program


Derivative trading has high risk and might not be suitable for all investors. There’s NO GUARANTEE OF PROFIT on your investment.

3 Easy Steps to Become a Maxco Partner

18 Nov 2021

Maxco Partner Program is a business solution for partners, not limited to professional or educational backgrounds. The main requirements to become a Maxco partner are 18 years old, have an ID card, and have a bank account in your own name

Of course, becoming a Maxco partner is a very easy thing to do, Maxco provides the Maxco Partner Program to provide solutions that are easy to do without any conditions, unlike other futures brokers who provide various difficult conditions when registering. Here are three easy steps to become a Maxco partner:

First, visit the official Maxco Futures website (www.maxco.co.id) then go to the “Partner Program” page and click “Register Now”. After verifying the email, potential Maxco Partners need to verify their identity by uploading their KTP or other identity cards. At this stage, make sure you fill in the data that matches the identity card.

Second, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly and in detail, then click "Become a Partner".

Third, after submitting the application, Maxco will process and review the submitted account within one to three days. Partners can see the progress of their application to become a Maxco partner by logging into the Partner Area, by clicking “Join” on the page.

Maxco partner submission application has been sent! After the application is verified, Maxco partners can start managing the Partner Area and start doing business with Maxco.

Becoming a Maxco Partner is an easy partnership program to do, if you have any questions about the Maxco Partner Program, Maxco has provided a support system. Contact Maxco Customer Support via: 021-3115-1998.

Get it! Full Support that Maxco provides for Partners

11 Nov 2021

Starting a new leaf by opening a business is not an easy thing to do. However, in times like this opening a business is the right thing to do to increase income from a financial perspective. Various business opportunities are offered, but not a small amount of capital must be spent. Maxco offers business opportunities without capital and of course security of funds because Maxco has collaborated with Panin Bank for 31 years, in the form of the Maxco Partner Program.

The Maxco Partner Program is a solution for partners not limited to professional or educational background, the main requirement to become a Maxco partner is 18 years of age who already has an ID card and a bank account attached, the name of the account holder must match the partner's name. Of course, by building a business with Maxco as a partner, you will get many benefits such as commissions in the form of rebates of up to $15 per lot which are unlimited, so there is no rebate limit. Furthermore, commissions are earned instantly, partners will easily make withdrawals and go directly to partner accounts without any restrictions.

Partner Area is a platform that only Maxco partners have to analyze or view all customer performance so that partners will get information about customer performance in a transparent and detailed manner. Maxco provides Partner Area facilities for Maxco Partners so that partners do not need to monitor each customer one by one, but only by using the partner platform will get all information about customer performance and even trading with customers.

Maxco also does not stay silent, but Maxco always tries to provide support for partners, for example through educational forums in the form of MaxTalk and MaxClass. As well as providing marketing tools such as brochures, pamphlets, and daily analysis needed by partners. Partners will get a link that can be used to invite partners, colleagues or family.

With all of this support, Maxco strives to fulfill the partner's dream to become a successful businessman in the futures brokerage field. Everyone can start a business with Maxco. Get Maxco's support by becoming a partner in the Maxco Partner Program!

To find out information about the Maxco Partner Program, please contact Maxco Customer Support (021) 3115-1998 or visit the Maxco website: Program Maxco Partner

How to use Social Media to increase your Partner Business at Maxco

04 Nov 2021

Social media is a means of communication that has been used by many people, providing opportunities for the dissemination of information that are much wider and more even to the public that may not have been reached. So, the use of social media must be used optimally, especially for business purposes.

Reporting from statisa.com, the use of social media and the internet occupies the highest position among other online media platforms so that the majority of Indonesian people actively use social media. The use of social media is increasing due to the ongoing pandemic conditions. So that the business activities of the Indonesian people cannot be done conventionally but must be online using social media.

Also read 3 Things You Get When You Become a Business Partner:


To maximize the use of social media for business purposes, Maxco has three tips that can improve the business performance of Maxco partners. First, form a community as a forum for customers. This community was formed to strengthen relationships as well as build interaction between customers and partners. In addition, this community also makes it easier for partners to communicate information to a large number of audiences at the same time.

Maxco also facilitates partners with the Maxco Community as one of Maxco's efforts to provide support to Maxco partners. Let's join the Maxco Community:

Facebook Group: Maxco Client: https://bit.ly/FacebookMaxcoClient 

Facebook Group: Maxco Partner: https://bit.ly/FacebookMaxcoPartner 

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/beritamaxco

Second, use online discussion forums through which partners can ask questions about a topic. In addition, partners can insert MAXCO partner’s business stories on topics that are currently viral so that indirectly the business of Maxco partners will be lifted and potential customers will be interested in contacting and joining you.

Third, make promotional articles through online blog media. Through this promotion, when prospective customers are looking for information about business partners, the articles you write can be read so that prospective customers will get detailed and clear information and contact you to join in trading with Maxco partners.

In addition to the tips and tricks that Maxco explained, Maxco partners don't need to hesitate to ask questions or discuss with Maxco, please contact: Customer Support: 021-3115-1998 or join us in the Maxco Community.

3 Things You Get When You Become A Business Partner

28 Oct 2021

Are you aware that most people have expenses that are greater than their income? this is a major problem for the people of Indonesia. However, on the other hand, technology that is increasingly developing is an opportunity to start a business, especially a business that does not require capital and can be done online.

One of the businesses that can be done today is the Maxco Partner Program. In addition to increasing income, of course, there are many things that you get when you become a Maxco Partner, including:

Meeting new people

joining a Maxco Partner is definitely a great opportunity to meet new people with various backgrounds as well as an opportunity to exchange tips and tricks to attract traders. So that the relationships owned by Maxco Partners are getting wider. Maxco facilitates with the Maxco Community, which is a place for partners and traders to discuss with each other and through the community there will be activities that are educated by consultants.

Let's join the Maxco Community:

Facebook Group: Maxco Client


Facebook Group: Maxco Partner


Telegram Channels:


Gaining knowledge

Facilitating partners is one of Maxco's efforts to increase knowledge in the business field, one of which is by providing educational materials. Through the Maxco Community, partners and traders can access materials as well as have discussions with community members and consultants.

Long Term Stability

By joining as a Maxco Partner, not only doing business with Maxco but also with Bank Panin. For 31 years, Maxco has been working with Bank Panin to become the best futures brokerage company in Indonesia. As long as they are Maxco Partners, Maxco and Bank Panin will continue to provide assistance. No need to worry about the security of your business, because Maxco is an official and licensed futures broker. Maxco and Bank Panin will guarantee the security of the transactions made.

By joining as a Maxco Partner, of course there are many more things that will be obtained, to find out more details please click the link:


It's Time To Start A New Job During Stay at Home

27 Oct 2021

Over the past year, all people in the world, including Indonesia, have been forced to spend most of their time at home, from housewives, students to office workers. However, the situation was not wasted just staying at home, but many of them started new jobs.

Starting a new job at home during a pandemic is both challenging and unique. However, please note that there are many new job opportunities that can be done without requiring capital, without leaving home and not charging any fees, such as:

First as a freelancer, this job is an opportunity for creative workers to earn income from domestic and foreign customers. These freelance jobs include, writers, designers and photo or video editors.

Second as contributors to microstock, contributors are people who become suppliers for companies that provide photo, video, illustration and graphic design assets.

Third as an Introducing Broker, people who work to introduce or bring together prospective customers with futures brokers and get rewards from each prospective customer who becomes a customer of the futures broker.

Maxco, one of the futures brokers in Indonesia that provides this job opportunity. Through the Maxco Partner Program, of course there are no special requirements to become partners, but partners will get many rewards, such as rebates (commissions) and training through the Maxco Partner community, which is a place for partners to discuss with each other and of course through this community partners at Maxco will understand trends social events that occur so that it becomes a provision as a successful partner.

Maxco has become a member of the Indonesian Futures Clearing House (KBI) and is working with Panin Bank to become the best futures brokerage company in Indonesia so that the security of funds will be guaranteed.

To find out information about the Maxco Partner Program, please visit:


Starting a new job while staying at home is challenging but it may also be the right thing to do, especially to gain experience and financial income. So, don't hesitate to start a new job.

Disclaimer: Trading derivatives carries a high risk and is not necessarily suitable for all investors. NO GUARANTEE OF PROFIT on your investment

Tips for Choosing a Futures Broker Introduce Broker (IB) Program

26 Oct 2021

Forex Introduce Broker (IB) is a person who works to introduce or bring together prospective clients with futures brokers. The IB gets a reward every time the prospective client becomes a client of a futures broker. There are many forms of rewards that Introduce Brokers receive from futures brokers such as rebates (commissions), training, vouchers, and others. There are no special requirements to become an IB of a futures broker, what is needed is the willingness to introduce futures brokers to potential clients. To become an IB or some companies call partners like Maxco Futures, of course, you must have certain criteria.

The following are tips for choosing a futures broker that has a good partner program for each partner.

1. Legality

Futures brokers in Indonesia must be registered with the Badan Pengawas Perdaganan Berjangka Komoditi (Bappebti). You can easily access the website of Bappebti to check whether a futures broker is registered or not. For example, Maxco Futures registered with Bappebti with No: 931/BAPPEBTI/PN/8/2006. In addition, Maxco Futures is also a member of the futures exchange of PT. Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) and PT Indonesian Commodity Futures Clearing House (KBI). KBI itself is an institution that guarantees settlement of commodity and derivative transactions and JFX functions as a place for futures trading of various commodities. This means that all partner funds and client transactions will be safe if the futures broker joins KBI and JFX.

2. Withdraw

The speed of the withdrawal process needs to be a concern when choosing a futures broker that provides rebates. Some futures brokers take a long time and some even make it difficult. At Maxco, the withdrawal process is very fast, it only takes a few hours to get to the partner's account.

3. Instant Rebate Delivery

Rebates are usually paid out by futures brokers after 30 days of trading. Not many futures brokers send instant and daily rebates. Maxco sends rebates to each of its partners every day and transparently. Partners don't have to worry about the calculation process because partners are given a partner area to monitor the rebate calculation.

4. Rebate Amount

The nominal rebate paid by futures brokers needs special attention from partners. Some futures brokers only give $1-$5 for each lot. There are even some futures brokers who provide conditions that are quite difficult to fulfill such as the minimum number of clients that must be met, etc. In contrast to Maxco providing rebates of up to $15 from each lot, the terms are quite easy and also transparent. This nominal is the highest rebate nominal given by futures brokers to each partner in Indonesia.

The futures brokerage partner profession can be an alternative professional choice for those of you who have difficulty getting a job or who need unlimited income but with flexible time. For that, join as a Maxco partner and enjoy additional income now.

The Importance of Partnership in Running Business

21 Oct 2021

There are many ways to do business, namely building your own business or cooperating with other businesses. Building your own business is not easy because there are many things that need to be taken into account, even not a few business people who end up going out of business, especially the unstable economic conditions due to the pandemic. It will be different from a business that is carried out by cooperating with other businesses where the financial position will be stronger and structured so that it will be more secure than running your own business.

Before establishing a business partner, there are several things that must be considered to minimize the occurrence of problems for yourself and the company, because this partner plays an important role in supporting business success. Therefore, there are 3 factors that need to be considered to avoid potential pitfalls:

1. Trust and Respect

The root of a successful partnership is trust and respect. When there are two things, then when running the business there is a sense of security and satisfaction. Maxco adheres to this principle with concrete evidence in the form of membership from BAPPEBTI, JFX, KBI and Aspebtindo. In addition, Maxco also separates accounts for client funds from company operational accounts and partners with Bank Panin.

2. Similar Values and Shared Goals

Of course, before establishing a partnership, it is necessary to know the purpose of the business. Cooperation will be successful when the goals are aligned with your own goals. The partner program implemented by Maxco aims as a support system as much as possible to achieve financial goals for partners. So, to make this happen, Maxco facilitates partners by providing partner area facilities, commission rebates for partners of up to $15 per lot to analysis dashboards. To find out the benefits of the Partner Program, please click the following link: https://www.maxco.co.id/partner/program

3. Communication

Communication plays an important role in a successful collaboration, because when one of the partners or the company experiences problems, communication must be established regularly. Maxco strives to maximize continuous communication by providing 24/5 customer service and designing a special Partner Area to fulfill all the information needed by partners.

After understanding these 3 factors, it will be less likely that business obstacles will be faced. What are you waiting for? Let's be a Maxco Partner now!

This is the Right Way to Invite Clients to Join Maxco

8 Sept 2021

Approaching potential clients for trading and joining a forex broker for Maxco partners is sometimes not easy. Partners sometimes face various obstacles,ranging from refusal to even understanding potential clients who are often wrong about the world of forex trading. For that,we need an appropriate step to get the attention of potential clients.

Of the many theories used by marketing and sales experts,there are several points that need to be underlined by partners,namely,the marketing mindset. The selling paradigm has changed,partners must understand the needs of potential clients before making an offer.

First,partners must make a good first impression in the eyes of potential clients when offering to join Maxco. This will lead to a positive response to believe and buy the products offered and make the products offered by partners difficult to forget. This of course can be effective imagery. You can make a good first impression by using a persuasive or seductive way but not seeming pushy,providing detailed and polite explanations so that potential clients feel happy without fear of being intimidated.

The next step is to understand the needs of potential clients,partners need to understand who the potential clients will be,look for references about the problems faced by clients in terms of finance. Partners need to dig deep to get to the needs of potential clients. By understanding the client's needs, partners can offer the right product to the client.

In the third step, partners must fully understand the products offered by Maxco. This understanding can make iteasier for partners when dealing with clients. Understanding the product can make potential clients more confident because of what partners convey in detail and detail. Again, the needs of the customer must be the focus.

The next thing is that partners must provide comfort when offering products from Maxco. Don't forget to use words that are easy for potential clients to understand,again understanding the needs of potential clients is very important. With comfortable conditions,clients can provide feedback that is what they need.

Finally,partners should explore the expectations they expect when offering the products offered. Partners can position themselves on the client's side in order to ensure that rejection is a reason to join Maxco.

For that, don't miss the opportunity to become a Maxco Partner and get various conveniences and attractive rebates up to $15. Increase your income by becoming a Maxco Partner!

Maxco Provides 3 Types of Partners

23 Aug 2021

To give the best services to our partners, Maxco classifies partners into three types (regular, premium, and master partner) based on their trading volume. The rebates will be distributed according to the clients' type.

Regular partners will get an 80% rebate and up to 200 lots every 30 days. The number of lots available obtained from the lots traded by clients' partners in 30 days. Premium partner will get up to 90% rebate and 200 – 600 lots every month.

Master partner will get 100% rebate and the whole lots traded in 30 days period. These are the most convenient numbers for partners. Partners are even can gain more revenue through sub-partners. By inviting at least three other people to be Sub-Partners, partners can double their income by receiving a 10% rebate from each transaction done by Sub-Partners.

Maxco has also prepared a fast and transparent rebate payment system. Partners can withdraw the rebate proceeds directly to their accounts. All income from rebates is presented transparently so that partners can also calculate their income without worrying about discounts or administrative costs.

The differences in partners' type are expected to increase partners' interest in referring clients who are actively trading every day to Maxco. By actively recruiting trading clients, they can increase their income apart from trading partners. In addition to getting rebates, Maxco partners also get various benefits such as getting access to live statistics and client reports from a partner that you bring to Maxco. Partners can get this access through 'Partner Area' in Maxco application, available in mobile and web versions.

Grab your chance to get unlimited income by joining as Maxco's partner. Don't miss this opportunity!

Complete and Sophisticated Facilities Only for Maxco Partners

16 Aug 2021

Not only giving high rebates, Maxco provides full support for partners as well. Maxco will support the clients in gaining more partners to trade at Maxco. Maxco provides various facilities for partners running their businesses.

To support the smooth running of the partners' business, Maxco provides a 'Partner Area' facility that is useful for viewing statistics and reports of your clients. You can use the data from these clients as a reference in viewing the trading conditions of the clients. You can access 'Partner Area' through Maxco app. You can also monitor revenue in real-time.

Partners can set the referral links that will be used to invite more potential clients or sub-partners. In addition, there is an instant message facility that makes it easier for you to communicate with clients and sub-partners. This feature facilitates you to communicate with clients and sub-partners while trading or taking positions.

Running a business not always to be offline, especially with Maxco. The power of digital marketing makes it possible to run business everywhere and anywhere online. Maxco will help you to fulfill your promotional needs such as banners, brochures, and websites that you need in running your business. The content needs for the various platforms you use will be fully supported by Maxco.

By joining as Maxco's partner, you will have the opportunity to take part in various training held by Maxco. You can learn more about trading, financial management, or even how to develop a business network. All this training will be held by Maxco for free. Maxco also prioritizes partners who are willing to develop their careers by becoming a representative brokers. Maxco will help partners prepare themselves to become experts in the trading industry. All of these things are done by Maxco to support partners to get what they want in business.

Join as a Maxco partner to enjoy the most complete facilities to support your business! Don't waste this opportunity!

Guide to Becoming a Successful Maxco Partner

09 Aug 2021

Being Maxco's partner in trading is not as easy as many people think. Many misconceptions are circulating in the community regarding the trading world. As a Maxco partner, you need an adequate understanding of the world of trading to attract more clients.

Maxco provides all things needed to be a successful partner. First, a partner must master and understand the world of forex. Partners must have sufficient understanding both fundamentally and technically related to the forex world. That way, you can easily invite clients to join to trade at Maxco. Clients will certainly have more confidence if they are invited by a partner who is also a trader.

Second, the partner should have a thorough understanding of Maxco. Not only limited to formal matters related to Maxco, but also understanding how Maxco runs its business. Partners should understand Maxco's products. To achieve your income target, your commitment to being Maxco's partner is needed.

In the matter of management, Maxco partners must have good managerial skills to help clients grow while trading. You are expected by clients to provide input or discussion related to trading. Your ability to understand the needs of clients when trading will determine the success of a Maxco partner.

Becoming a partner of Maxco certainly promises high income. This can be achieved if you can invite clients to trade at Maxco. Maxco provides various facilities to support the success of partners, such as; promotional tools, partner areas, as well as self-development training. If you're highly committed, passive income and financial independence will be no longer impossible.

To achieve your goal, make sure you build a partnership with a safe and regulated broker like Maxco. Don't miss your opportunity to grow with Maxco!

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