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How to use Social Media to increase your Partner Business at Maxco

04 Nov 2021

Social media is a means of communication that has been used by many people, providing opportunities for the dissemination of information that are much wider and more even to the public that may not have been reached. So, the use of social media must be used optimally, especially for business purposes.

Reporting from statisa.com, the use of social media and the internet occupies the highest position among other online media platforms so that the majority of Indonesian people actively use social media. The use of social media is increasing due to the ongoing pandemic conditions. So that the business activities of the Indonesian people cannot be done conventionally but must be online using social media.

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To maximize the use of social media for business purposes, Maxco has three tips that can improve the business performance of Maxco partners. First, form a community as a forum for customers. This community was formed to strengthen relationships as well as build interaction between customers and partners. In addition, this community also makes it easier for partners to communicate information to a large number of audiences at the same time.

Maxco also facilitates partners with the Maxco Community as one of Maxco's efforts to provide support to Maxco partners. Let's join the Maxco Community:

Facebook Group: Maxco Client: https://bit.ly/FacebookMaxcoClient 

Facebook Group: Maxco Partner: https://bit.ly/FacebookMaxcoPartner 

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/beritamaxco

Second, use online discussion forums through which partners can ask questions about a topic. In addition, partners can insert MAXCO partner’s business stories on topics that are currently viral so that indirectly the business of Maxco partners will be lifted and potential customers will be interested in contacting and joining you.

Third, make promotional articles through online blog media. Through this promotion, when prospective customers are looking for information about business partners, the articles you write can be read so that prospective customers will get detailed and clear information and contact you to join in trading with Maxco partners.

In addition to the tips and tricks that Maxco explained, Maxco partners don't need to hesitate to ask questions or discuss with Maxco, please contact: Customer Support: 021-3115-1998 or join us in the Maxco Community.

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