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Tips for Choosing a Futures Broker Introduce Broker (IB) Program

26 Oct 2021

Forex Introduce Broker (IB) is a person who works to introduce or bring together prospective clients with futures brokers. The IB gets a reward every time the prospective client becomes a client of a futures broker. There are many forms of rewards that Introduce Brokers receive from futures brokers such as rebates (commissions), training, vouchers, and others. There are no special requirements to become an IB of a futures broker, what is needed is the willingness to introduce futures brokers to potential clients. To become an IB or some companies call partners like Maxco Futures, of course, you must have certain criteria.

The following are tips for choosing a futures broker that has a good partner program for each partner.

1. Legality

Futures brokers in Indonesia must be registered with the Badan Pengawas Perdaganan Berjangka Komoditi (Bappebti). You can easily access the website of Bappebti to check whether a futures broker is registered or not. For example, Maxco Futures registered with Bappebti with No: 931/BAPPEBTI/PN/8/2006. In addition, Maxco Futures is also a member of the futures exchange of PT. Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) and PT Indonesian Commodity Futures Clearing House (KBI). KBI itself is an institution that guarantees settlement of commodity and derivative transactions and JFX functions as a place for futures trading of various commodities. This means that all partner funds and client transactions will be safe if the futures broker joins KBI and JFX.

2. Withdraw

The speed of the withdrawal process needs to be a concern when choosing a futures broker that provides rebates. Some futures brokers take a long time and some even make it difficult. At Maxco, the withdrawal process is very fast, it only takes a few hours to get to the partner's account.

3. Instant Rebate Delivery

Rebates are usually paid out by futures brokers after 30 days of trading. Not many futures brokers send instant and daily rebates. Maxco sends rebates to each of its partners every day and transparently. Partners don't have to worry about the calculation process because partners are given a partner area to monitor the rebate calculation.

4. Rebate Amount

The nominal rebate paid by futures brokers needs special attention from partners. Some futures brokers only give $1-$5 for each lot. There are even some futures brokers who provide conditions that are quite difficult to fulfill such as the minimum number of clients that must be met, etc. In contrast to Maxco providing rebates of up to $15 from each lot, the terms are quite easy and also transparent. This nominal is the highest rebate nominal given by futures brokers to each partner in Indonesia.

The futures brokerage partner profession can be an alternative professional choice for those of you who have difficulty getting a job or who need unlimited income but with flexible time. For that, join as a Maxco partner and enjoy additional income now.

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