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Get to know, 2 trading analysis techniques! Which one is more suitable for you?

Trading in Commodity Futures Trading (PBK) is one of the trades that recently occupies the most popular position in trading, but unfortunately many traders do not understand trading analysis so they only follow confusing information that is not necessarily proven for its credibility.

As a form of trading that is volatile, a strategy is needed when investing in trading, namely trading analysis techniques. This analysis strategy is carried out to minimize risk.

There are 2 analytical strategies when trading, namely Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis, which are also considered as a professional way of trading.

Fundamental Analysis is analyzing the market based on economic data, global economic and political news. This analysis uses information or news that relates directly or indirectly to the global economy.

So in short, fundamental analysis is analyzing the potential for currency movements through the strengths or weaknesses of the economic, political and social prospects in a country.

Meanwhile, Technical Analysis is an analysis that uses data on prices and trading volumes in the past so that customers can understand when to make transactions (sell and buy). This analysis is very dynamic and applicable so that traders can determine trading conditions with price movements in real-time by looking for certain price levels and chart patterns, the more likely this pattern will appear in the market.

Maxco as one of the most trusted futures brokers in Indonesia also uses technical analysis strategies and fundamental analysis to provide information about trading such as Daily Analysis including commodity trading information on futures brokers which will be shared every day and Weekly Analysis which is a recap of information on several commodity futures broker trades for one week. . All of this information can be accessed through the Maxco Community. Let's join the Maxco Community:

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