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Which Product Is Suitable For Your Trading?

The word “trading” is becoming very popular among traders. However, unfortunately only a few Indonesians understand suitable trading products and even tend to just follow people without understanding the trading products. Trading is the activity of buying and selling products and services.

After understanding the meaning of trading products, we need to know the types of trading products that are suitable for us, especially trading products that are popular today. Among them are 4 trading products that Maxco provides for traders:


Foreign Exchange (Forex) is a currency exchange that is traded in pairs through futures brokers such as Maxco. Currency pairs in forex are often divided into 2 types, namely "Major Pair" and "Minor Pair". Major Pairs are currency pairs that are paired with USD, and Minor Pairs are currencies that are not paired with USD. The value of Forex is strongly influenced by economic policies carried out by each government or Central Bank so when inflation occurs in the United States, the buying and selling value of USD will also be affected.


Metal trading products are gold (XAUUSD) and silver (XAGUSD), now if you want metal trading you can do it online, you don't need to be physically. In addition, Metal trading products are suitable for use in long-term trading (investment) because these products tend to be stable and increase from year to year. 


Although it has a high risk, this trading product has become one of the most popular trading products among traders. Please note that when buying Stocks or shares, you are basically buying a part of the ownership of the company. Understanding and analysis are provisions that must be had when trading as a basis before deciding to buy or sell company stocks.


Futures are a combination of the stock prices of several companies in it so that futures reflect the economic conditions of a country. This trading product does not require large capital and is suitable for long-term trading (investment).

The advantage of trading Futures at Maxco is that you have the potential for profit both ways, unlike when you trade indices. Many traders use the components of stock weights and capitalization on Futures.

After understanding the trading products at Maxco, please visit www.maxco.co.id to find out more information about trading products.


Trading derivatives carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF PROFIT on your investment.


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