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Maxco Became The First Broker In Indonesia To Provide 11 Instruments Free

31 years working as a leading trading company in Indonesia, Maxco continues to strive to be the best choice especially in the Indonesian forex industry. To date, Maxco has executed hundreds of millions of transactions safely and delivers extremely fast execution. Maxco provides 4 trading products namely Forex, Metals, Stocks and Futures with 70 instruments in the market with competitive spreads.

It should be understood first in the trading world that there is a swap term or also known as Rollover, which is the difference in interest rates charged when trading positions are opened overnight which refers to the product and its direction. The nominal swap amount will be calculated from the difference in interest rates between the two currencies traded.

In any transaction, it is the trader who has to pay the swap transaction fee on the instruments sold and at the same time will receive interest on the instruments purchased.

It is common for futures brokerage firms to have traders complain about swap transaction fees. So, there are several futures brokerage companies that provide free swap transaction fees but with different account tiers even with a limit on the days of using swap free transactions. This is also an obstacle for traders who just want to try trading or traders who trade with low funds.

To fulfill traders' complaints, Maxco as the only futures brokerage company in Indonesia that provides free swap instruments without any conditions which is not limited to the amount of funds owned by traders. The provision of swap free instruments is recommended for novice traders who are unfamiliar with the world of trading so as to minimize the possibility of losses experienced. Here are 11 swap-free instruments:

Through 11 swap free instruments. The hope is that it will increase the satisfaction of customers who are actively trading every day at Maxco. In addition, it is also a promotional event for Maxco Partners to customers.

Maxco understands that it is not easy to build quality and satisfaction of customers and partners. However, Maxco will continue to strive to provide the best service through the facilities provided.

Free swap, click to join! https://www.maxco.co.id/


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